Miri Gospel Chapel - English Service

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Let us use what have been given to serve each other, and to give our community a glimpse of God’s Kingdom.


We grow while we pray, study and serve. They is much to learn and many to serve; what joy and privilege God has given us!

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If you’d like to be involved, the best way to start is to simply get in touch and let us know what you’re passionate about. We’d love to hear from you.


Sunday Junior Worship
Sunday 8:00AM
Junior Worship Hall
Sunday School
After Junior Worship
Sis. Angeline Chew


Teens Bible Study
Sun 10.30 AM
Pelita Worship Hall

Sis. Maggie Chung

Young Adults

Family Cell Group
Sun 10:30 am
Pelita Cry Room

Sis. Wee Yee Boon


Agape Cell Group
Tue 7:45pm
Pelita Office

Chara Cell Group
Wed 7:45PM
Pelita Office


Music Practice
Fri 7.30 PM
Pelita Worship Hall

Sis. Chew Lee San

Tuition Ministry

English & Math Tuition
Pelita Class Rooms

Dr. Law Ming Chiat

Curtin Students

Youth Fellowship
Wed 7.45 PM
MGC Senadin

Prayer Meeting
Sun 9:45 AM
Senadin Worship Hall

Rev. Chua Hui Ling